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Biver said, "I have a king for my brands and a Queen. My king is my client and my queen is my product. It is my job to make both fall in love. So, wherever my king is going, I'll bring my queen. This strategy was perfectly implemented by Biver when he took over Rolex Submariner Replica and brought about a revolutionary change on three fronts. First, his connected watch showed that Swiss companies could compete in the high-tech industry that was previously dominated by mobile phone firms. Biver, ever the genius that he is, even turned the equation upside down and offered any customer the chance to upgrade his smart watch from a digital watch into a mechanical one in the future. This would ensure the watch's eternal relevance. His US$15,000 COSC-certified Tourbillon Chronograph shattered the price of all high-complication watches in the Swiss watchmaking industry.Fake Watches The boss of Patek Phillipe was prompted to comment, "Mr. Biver, your tourbillons seem too cheap. But Biver created the perception that Rolex Submariner Replica offers an unmatched value proposition. Third, he gave the brand a new relevance for a younger audience by using social media-savvy brand ambassadors such as Cara Delevingne. He also legitimised uber cool modifiers like Bamford.

Hiroshi Fujwara is the founder of fashion label Fragment Design

Fujiwara was born in a rural area that he described as being very boring. It is possible that this would not have happened had he not grown up there. Fujiwara, who was born just a 10-minute walk from Ise Jingu (one of Japan's most sacred shrines), made his holy pilgrimage to London in 1982, when he went to 430 Kings Road, the birthplace for punk. Fujiwara was shook to the core by this boutique, which was really the back of a vintage and record shop. It was renamed SEX by punk's first and longest-lasting impresario Malcolm Mclaren. Fashion and style were just as important to the punk scene as music. The fact that Mclaren was partnered by the soon-to be design legend Vivienne westwood, and the Sex Pistols met in the same shop is not a coincidence. Fujiwara was fascinated by the clothing and style that originated from a cultural phenomenon, initially as a uniform but later elevated to luxury garments.

After his stay in London, Fujiwara moved to New York. In the early 1980s, Fujiwara was captivated by hip hop culture, the most influential musical revolution in the 20th century. He eventually formed his own DJ team Tiny Panx. Fujiwara introduced Western hip-hop streetwear into Japan through DJing and articles published in magazines like Popeye. Fujiwara's streetwear brands Good Enough, and Fragment were launched when this culture had reached critical mass in Japan.tissot replica The clothing made by these companies quickly became cult and sold out immediately upon launch. Fujiwara became a true innovator through clothing that reflected this musical style. He mentored streetwear icons Nigo from A Bathing Ape, and Jun Takahashi from Undercover in creating their own brands. Fujiwara's cult status as a streetwear God led him to design Nike's HTM line and collaborate with countless other brands. He also appeared in Lost in Translation, and designed guitars Eric Clapton. In 2017, Fujiwara opened a pop-up Louis Vuitton shop in Tokyo, which sold clothing that was the result of a collaboration he had with Kim Jones.

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